Ewa Trębacz

In March, 2011, Ewa and I were invited to USC by Krysta Close from the Polish Music Center to perform Minotaur as a part of their New Generation concert. The performance was recorded, and we were given permission to share this on our websites. For Ewa’s own page on Minotaur, complete with performance materials, please go here.

Thanks to Krysta Close and the PMC, and the audio engineers, Ted Ancona and Mang-King Cheung (with Ancona Surround Sound) for this recording.

Minotaur by Ewa Trębacz


In September 2009, we went to the Warsaw Autumn Music Festival to perform Errai with Anna Niedźwiedź, soprano. Like Minotaur, Errai involved recording short improvisations in interesting acoustic spaces (notably St. James Cathedral and the Cistern at Fort Warden), and improvising a solo performance along with a 3-d surround-sound ‘tape’ part made up of those short improvisations. If you are curious about the specifics, please go to Ewa’s website (which additionally has performance materials) to learn more about Errai. Here is a recording of the premier:

Errai (Premier), by Ewa Trębacz

If you are an audiophile who is offended at the notion of lossy compression formats, you may prefer to download these FLAC files:

Minotaur (60Mb)

Errai (57Mb)